We are a multi-cultural organization, which focuses on Investment management, Private equity, asset management and proprietary trading. We are head quartered at Dubai and have offices at Hong Kong and Mauritius. RPMG is very focused on the all sectors and offers clients a vast amount of experience in both debt and equity financing structures.

Our strength comes from in-depth industry expertise, long-lasting connections with highly diversified funding sources, and a talented team that shares the same solution focused mindset. As your advocate, we bring you the most competitive financing instrument. We can do that because we work directly with such a diversified group of investors and lenders. It is through a culture of mutual accountability and commitment to excellence that we meet your financing needs.

We work with our partners to create long term business relationships, utilizing our expertise, professionalism and diverse network.

RPMG owns Royale Partners Investment Fund Limited, Mauritius.The Fund intends to invest in fast growing sectors in Africa, South /South East Asia, and GCC. For more details please write to us



Our Team

RPMG family comprises of seasoned professionals from various industry segments. RPMG draws on years of expertise from our industry experts. Our investment management committee comprises of independent directors, who add value through their expertise and experience. The investment committee is helped by our team of investment analysts whose aim is value investing, that maximize the stakeholder’s value.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We are a responsible Corporate Citizen and believe in fulfilling our role to the society. As part of our corporate social responsibility 25% of our investments are earmarked for the projects in segments such as:

  • Green Energy
  • Low cost Housing
  • Waste Management
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Food security

We support causes for female education, women rights, child welfare and health care in developing and third world countries